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What is the attraction to dogs?

Why do we feel this need to have an animal follow us and be led by us throughout centuries? Although wolves/dogs were essential for safety in the past (and may still be used in that way), many people feel the need to take care of these pets who have been bred out of almost every natural instinct needed for self sufficient survival.

Sometimes I look down at my dog, Cowboy, and wonder if he could ever survive in the wild and I would say no. He’s honestly a helpless creature that didn’t decide to be born and is now left for the earth and humanity to help take care of him, much like humans. He follows me into every room and sometimes will insist on always being touched in some way. He’s desperate for approval and affection even with the stability of our home.

Why do you think we feel this need to care for other animals? Specifically people of first world countries. It’s heart breaking and seen as almost equal for people to see a dog out in the street as it would be to see a child alone in the street.

Another Commoner


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