Superbowl Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Really hoping tonight will be an exciting game. I don’t have either team I’m rooting for, but I’m just hoping something crazy will happen and we’ll be there to see it.

Is anyone hoping for one side or the other? Did anyone take the night off or day off tomorrow to get trashed? What are yall eating today for the game?

Another Commoner


Cam Newton has some things to learn that he can apply to future games, but I’m happy for Peyton Manning. Hopefully he’ll feel that it’s safe to retire off into the sunset on a nice win.

Also, food was amazing. My boyfriend’s dad is a great cook and make us some bad ass meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Our roommate made some jalapeño poppers with pineapple crushed into the cream cheese. Bomb as fuck!

Half time… Do I even need to talk about it? Love Beyonce but I really feel that Coldplay blew everyone away. We were so excited when they played Clocks and had a Montage of all the passed superbowls.

How was your superbowl Sunday?


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