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Read a Book

This response seems so relevant in any situation where someone incredibly ignorant on a subject begins preaching on it.

People love to talk about social issues and they love to put their two cents in on how worthless and evil women are or about how ghetto and lazy black people are. I know there are plenty more minorities besides women and black people and there has been a long history of other minority groups moving to the US for better opportunities to be treated like absolute crap, but for the majority of social issues between races, white and black seem to have the most. (Of course men vs women has for sure been an issue since at least the 1800s around the world.)

People just sit there and yap their mouths off their heads trying to give an opinion about social issues without any type of knowledge on the subject at all. They try to bring out the weakest arguments that have already been said and debunked. Like please just read a book.

Another annoying subject is when people talk about religious issues and start saying things like “think about where we came from! If you say Adam then Adam had to come from God.” Did you really expect everyone to say “we came from Adam.” Like how uneducated and closeted are you? Please read a book or take any basic history/science course or turn on a freaking education channel. Big Bang has physical proof that cannot be denied. Why would ANY educated person say Adam?

Which, don’t get anything twisted, please, I am not bashing God and I’m not bashing white people. I’m bashing arrogant ignorance and believing the perfect response to always be “read a book.” There are plenty of subjects I don’t know anything about, but when situations arise, I don’t give a passionate opinion where I put down others who feel opposite of my instinct feelings. I’d rather ask questions and get all the information first. And I have a hard time respecting people who don’t at least attempt to understand other points of view or actually have the decency to learn about what they’re trying to preach on.

Rant over.

What’s something you’ve caught yourself trying to give an opinion on before realizing you didn’t know what you were talking about? Did you admit it or just play it off?

Another Commoner


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