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Blogging is Hard

All forms of writing can be very difficult depending on your free time and inspiration. What inspires us and hinders us seems to be different almost everyday. An idea could seem perfect one moment, then an hour later after some true afterthought, you realize how unrealistic it had been originally.

Feeling that way about blogging right now. Being an aspiring writer feels like days, months, years are lost to writer’s block and feeling inspired one day then going to work or school or wherever you’ve made a commitment to be only leaves you tired later where you continuously feel that you don’t have time to bring your thoughts to paper (or online). So you eventually give up on the good idea and go back into writer’s block indefinitely.

What’s a project you’ve been working on that seems meaningless or too difficult to complete but you don’t want to give up on that slight bit of hope that you’ll actually accomplish something?

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2 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard

  1. Writing in general is hard. Especially when you have other commitments and things happening in your life, which is kind of my situation now. I took a bread from writing when it got too much, but not writing is harder than writing so I got back with a goal to publish one post a week. At least one post. The project that I am having a difficulty with is my second novel but that is only because of how much stuff I got to deal with now so it feel daunting. However, my first novel was the hardest to write or complete, at one point I didn’t think I would finish it but I did. So when I feel like this I remember that, it have taken me four years but it something I am proud of. I challenged myself and produced something I never tough resided within me. That changes you a bit.
    So my advice is that you will get there, balls or teeth you will get there. You will make it work

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    1. Thank you for the positive comment. I feel myself starting projects then giving up, but it is true that keeping your old work can bring back those feelings or that time in your life to bring inspiration from. Maybe I’ll finally tie down an idea. Good luck to you!


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