Does he like you?

We see these articles over and over again about how to tell if someone likes you when they aren’t making any moves. It’s always the same rules of “he wants to be around you and blah blah blah.”

Im not going to lie; there was definitely a time period where I read these articles like crazy and had crushes on different people who I felt I couldn’t read. Really though, I was reading them perfectly the entire time. If you like someone and want to be with them then you’ll go for it.

I would say that if you want to be with someone, then you should ask them to hang out or ask them on a date. Their response will tell you everything. If they seem happy you invited them out then they at least like you as a person. If you go out then make it very obvious you like them without being a creep. Like just saying things like “I’m really glad you came out, I think you’re really cool.” whatever. That would make all of your relationships simple. Either you’re friends, romantic interests, or don’t really get along. Those are basically the three different groupings of relationships with others and it’s not a big deal when someone isn’t in your romantic one. It could always mean there’s potential for a good friendship with no further expectations.

Just some random thoughts based on what I see on social media and my own personal experiences. I’ve had crushes on guys before for long periods of time and thought they were being wishy washy, but once I finally straightforwardly told them and was properly rejected, it would turn into a wonderful friendship and I would support any relationships they pursued because there was no questioning our friendship.

Have you ever had any moments of questioning someone’s feelings for you before realizing there had never even been a question? Have you had any experiences of confusion where you had actually been meant for each other the entire time?

Another Commoner


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