Angry with Teachers

Not all teachers make me angry. I honestly have respect for anyone who does a job that involves public speaking to students every single day, but it makes me angry when certain teachers don’t properly prepare you for tests.

I have this one teacher, for a subject I actually enjoy, and she gives extensive lectures with wordy PowerPoints. We were supposed to have a test on Thursday, but it was pushed to Tuesday after we didn’t get through the information quick enough in class. Then she tells us she’ll have the review to us over a week ago to prepare for the test.

Review is finally out tonight, Sunday, at 11:30 pm with my test being Tuesday morning and I have both class and work all day tomorrow. Not really bad planning on my part… Now, I’m looking through the review and it’s so long and wordy and not at all really a study guide. It’s just someone else’s notes for each class period. There are no specifics on people or vocabulary that needs to be known and it’s four chapters with at least twelve people mentioned in each and over 30 different companies brushed over in each.

How am I going to know what random information she’s going to choose for the multiple choice out of all this information? Why did I come to class everyday, read each chapter, and go over my notes once a night to still feel unprepared for this test? It feels like I’m going in blind. Like I signed up for a random trivia night and I’m just hoping my basic knowledge will somehow carry me to the end.

I just honestly feel that in all my years of schooling, I think what makes a good teacher is someone who makes the information approachable and interesting and then honestly gives you all the tools meant to succeed if you work hard.

I’ll probably do just fine on the test, but multiple choice already scares me. I’d prefer to write an essay because, let’s say I forget someone’s name, but I write in detail who they were and what they did, I’m able to prove to the teacher that I know the information. Multiple choice is either you were prepared for what questions would be on it, or its just fate that you happen to remember those exact random details.

Rant over.

Do you prefer multiple choice tests or essay based tests? Have you felt frustrated by how unprepared you feel after doing everything you could?

Another Commoner


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