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So You Think You Can College

Good morning, everyone. A friend on Facebook had posted a meme about people not taking their free high school education seriously so why would they take a free college one? So that got me thinking about the distinct differences between a high school education and a college one and whether we deserve free or cheaper higher education in the US.

Not saying I’m 100% for free education, I’d rather it was just more affordable for people to work their way through it, but high school is required because of the No Child Left Behind Law, and the curriculum usually just consists of busy-work to keep kids out of trouble and off the streets. If people were able to go to college/vocational school for free and study anything they want, we would be a more educated country with people who were better qualified for their jobs. People would be more knowledgeable about politics, history,  and the economy (all things that run our entire lives).

Instead, people are too afraid of the idea that anyone else could possibly have an easier opportunity than they did that they would rather keep our entire country in the dark about higher education and just continue to make it more expensive and harder to get. Only about 30% of the US population has a bachelor’s degree and only 6.7% worldwide. We are evolving and it would be great for our country to be on the right side of education. We all complain about how ignorant our fellow citizens are, and that would no longer be a complaint if majority were higher educated.

What do you think? Should higher education be more affordable?

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