Moving On

Sometimes you just have to do it. I wrote a post a few days ago about friendship called, “I Am Not The One” but today I’m talking about the few jobs I’ve had where people have stayed there for years and have a very close knit community, but I felt it was in my best interest to leave.

I have had fun and grown as a person with these coworkers, but sometimes there comes a point where you must move on. You try to convince them to move on too, but a lot of people will stay where they’re at without much reason.

I’ve left jobs because of corruption in management, or general cheapness as an employer. Each time I have moved on, I’ve made more money and been given more opportunities. I always think that eventually that one smart coworker will realize their potential and leave, but it’s now years later and they’re still doing the same job at the same rate of pay with no aspirations of doing or being more. It’s hard to wrap my head around people who simply don’t want better for themselves. They’d prefer to struggle for a decade than make the mistake of leaving a job they might regret leaving.

I feel like the fear to leave comes from not being sure of oneself. They believe that if they leave a bad situation too early, they might miss when things finally turn around everything gets better. I don’t want to wait around for that. I want to feel that my life always has a purpose and moving on from my last few jobs has helped me open my horizons to other work and projects. My inner circle changes to allow in new people from different cultures with different life goals. These things are all essential to growing up and taking charge of one’s life. I want to know the world – not a single group or job.

I have no judgments against the people who stay working at jobs that I’ve left. I’m just simply saying from my point of view that I really did make a great decision each time because it’s brought me so many wonderful experiences and longterm friendships. These people who choose to stay are still in the same situations years later – dealing with the same crap that they will continue to complain about. I have a hard time understanding why moving on is impossible for some of the most capable people I’ve known.

Have you ever had to make a decision to leave a job where you loved the people for the better of your own self?

I would say that if you feel yourself struggling with the options of staying where you are because things aren’t so bad, or moving on to something that could be better, I would say move on. Any new opportunities you accept in life will lead you down different paths that you would have never been able to experience otherwise. It will enhance your life and add to your personal story.

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