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“I Voted for No One”

It’s voting season in the United States, everyone! And people are exclaiming to the public, “Vote! Change the world!” There are numerous articles written about the unrepresented citizens who refuse to vote, especially young and poor people. Many of these people are intelligent, but they simply don’t feel that there are any candidates that represent them as a person. So when people don’t show up to vote, then they’re just not accounted for.

Here’s an insane idea, we should change the voting system to more of a rating system. What part of this spectrum does the candidate fall for you? From 1 being “I feel this candidate will never represent me” to 10 being “I feel this candidate will represent me.” Our entire republic government system is supposed to protect our wants and needs as a nation. It changes throughout time depending on what is going on nationwide or worldwide. Choosing the best out of the bunch seemed like a good idea for voting originally, but now that the only people voting are those who feel represented by a candidate doesn’t really include everyone else who didn’t vote because they don’t feel represented and protected by anyone.

A common argument against that usually is, “Well, just go vote for someone and make sure it’s anyone but ______” and that’s not really a good reason to vote or make a decision. Voters often feel that they are voting for the best of a bad situation and both young and poor people do not feel that they will properly be represented by anyone so they simply won’t vote. I’ve seen countless articles reporting that young people simply do not vote, and that Bernie Sanders would have a better chance of winning if young people would just get out there and vote. I like Bernie Sanders, but I personally know plenty of people who don’t really want him or Donald Trump to become president so they’re opting to not vote at all. They don’t even want to fill out all the paperwork and go through all the strict panels just to write in a name that will possibly get thrown out when the time comes.

How would this rating system change voting? In so many ways, because people will not feel the need to either settle for a candidate they think is okay or not vote at all. People will feel that their voices are still heard, processed, and considered by the electoral votes. When candidates are put on a rating scale and we include each person running, or at least just more than two parties, then people can basically say that they’re going to agree with these specific policies by this or that person.

Will this completely change the way politics are done? Yes. Am I an expert on politics and have gone through the proper channels of education and experience? No. This is just simply an idea that I think could help those who do not feel represented by any candidate could still give their honest contribution to different elections. Rather they be local or federal.

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