March 1st

Officially the end of my first month as a blogger and the beginning of my second month. My personal life is filled with prospects of creating a Web series, participating in a short film, and creating the beginning ground of a new podcast show. All of these things will happen with my boyfriend, James, by my side.

My school life is getting a bit complicated. I have a test I need to take to be accepted into my degree (still need to study first), then see an advisor. I also have three tests coming up within the next two weeks before spring break.

My work life is a little unpredictable. I just started a new job in January and have not been adjusting well. I have an opportunity to start another new job in April that will give me a more desk work where I can write, read, and catch up on entertainment, but I’m fitting in a little better at work. I’m just not sure if I want to start another job that might be either perfect for me or awful.

I trying really hard not to stress out about it all.

Another Commoner


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