Who am I and who are you?

We have to be reminded that our opinions don’t really matter to anyone but ourselves. When we become upset about other people’s decisions, we have to remember to ask ourselves, “who the fuck am I to pass judgment or demand these things from others?”

People go through emotional and hormonal cycles throughout a 28 day period. So during that time, it’s very likely that we will change our mind about things, only to change them back 28 days later. The changes in opinion or attitude are usually so small, and feel righteous in the moment, that we won’t really notice those changes in ourself. So how often do you feel that the people around you can be flaky and a little inconsistent? How often have you seen a friend get very frustrated with something that they later don’t care about?

So in these moments with strangers, instead of making comments, we have to remind ourselves that we’re also flaky and inconsistent. Your mind changes and sometimes you just do/say things or react differently to situations. And that is where you can fit in your “who am I?” question. People are very quick to throw out the old, “who are you to say that to me?” but not as quick to ask themselves who they are for expecting a certain treatment or reaction.

Just some random thoughts on a Saturday morning. I hope everyone had a great Friday and will have a good Saturday and Sunday.

Another Commoner


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