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Street Talk

Education consistently pushes for the importance of proper English and grammar while they forget the importance of dialect in language.

When you talk street and the people around you are on that level, you can still effectively get your point across and say things that have relevance to your culture. In education, we stress the importance of proper speech to appear smarter; although, in reality, you can talk street and still have something incredibly powerful to convey to others (look at rape and hip hop). You can approach more people on a massive level by understanding their dialect and preaching to them on an agreeable level rather than trying to talk over their head.

Effective communication is incredibly essential to a functional learning environment. When you refuse to learn the culture and dialect of others because you believe your version is better, it can leave you feeling frustrated and unaccomplished in your goal of reaching others with your message. You can be intelligent and talk from the streets at the same time.

I think teachers who understand this have a much easier time relating to students and helping them see themselves as someone who can achieve greatness without being raised in an environment where everyone speaks properly or is taught one specific way to communicate.

Just some random thoughts. There are things you can communicate through talking street that doesn’t have the same effects as saying it properly.

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