Lack of Enlightenment

It calls for uninteresting blog posts. I’ve been incredibly neglectful of my blog in the past month, and my apologies to my creativity. I’ve been drawn in to an anime and manga bender that hasn’t stopped. For any other Otakus out there, you understand my pain and suffering.

Spring semester is almost over, and I’m determined to make as many A’s as possible. I used to become discouraged easily by making one or two B’s which would then make me suddenly believe that an A was no longer possible, but I’m not giving up this round!

I’m also between jobs at the moment which has given me plenty of spare time to really focus on my studies. When I was 18, I had an opportunity to not work and only go to school, but I found myself unmotivated to do well and slacking on my grades. I needed something extra so I found that in work. Now, I’m finding myself picking up other projects that I always wish I had more time for.

Fellow bloggers, you inspire me each day with your dedication to knowledge and writing, and I sincerely hope that I can get back into the groove and continue to bring more to the table.

Thank you all,

Another Commoner

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