The Importance of FanGirl Facebook Friends

Fan girls are essential to fandom for me. Social media has made it possible to enjoy fanning on a massive level from their home. And there’s something truly special about people around the world enjoying the same post on the Internet and then going on to read perfect comments that go right along with it. Then, to enjoy on an even bigger level: you tag a friend.

Facebook has me hooked. I have to figure out who my fan girl is for each category and right now I’m lacking a serious anime and manga one. I have plenty of friends to share most fandom, but anime and manga really seems to be my own hobby that no one I’m close to has ever been on the same level with. My sister reads manga and watches anime, but her tastes are vastly different than mine and she isn’t that much of a fangirl about it as I am.

So I’m scrolling through, seeing some prime memes, and having no friends to tag because I know they wouldn’t get it. I’ve never felt so alone…

So everyone out there, take a moment to truly appreciate your fangirl friends, because you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your products on that deeper level without them.

Another Commoner

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