Finals Week

It is quickly approaching, and I have to say that I am completely unprepared. I’ve worked hard throughout the semester to maintain all A’s, but I’m beginning to be reminded that I’m not an A student – no matter how hard I try.

I somehow caught the cold of the century last week, and it’s finally wearing off. It’s been over a full week now since I first noticed symptoms, but I still had school and work so I just ignored it and then it hit me like a truck Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I had to miss my classes during the last week of school. I wanted to go to class this morning, but the nyquil from last night knocked me out so hard that I completely slept through my alarm and class. So I’m two days behind on that one and two days behind on my others with finals approaching.

So what’s my fantastic plan? Actually read the textbooks. Beg other students for the notes that I missed. And then study my ass off every moment until the text. Here’s to hoping for those A’s to actually remain possible.

UPDATE: The highest grade I can make in one of my classes is an 89 and our teacher isn’t going to give us that extra point. I’m very disappointed in myself.



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