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Facebook Comments Make Me Want To Vomit

Lately, I have been getting pretty nauseous from various Facebook comments blatantly denying facts and common decency. Here’s a list of comments I’m tired of seeing:

  • This idea that unalienable human rights are up for debate.
  • The denial of any racial or gender inequality, usually followed by a blatantly racist or sexist remark that they claim is “just the truth.”
  • Hatred of human rights activism.
  • Consistently insisting that men just cannot control their boners and every woman, even young girls, must live in fear that we will accidentally touch a man the wrong way and give him the wrong idea. Even his family members. (Seriously, people think this and it’s sad.)
  • Not knowing what inflation means, but continuing to use it as an argument against raising wages for all.
  • People saying, “Well, Donald Trump has gotten out of bankruptcy before so he’d know what to do about our debt.” No, he won’t. Do a minimal amount of research before typing, please. Plus, even if it were true, that’s not a green light for everything else wrong with him.
  • “Global warming? Pretty sure it was cold outside today.”

I didn’t have such a hatred for people until social media blew up so quickly. It’s a constant reminder that a college education really should be encouraged and more easily accessible for all people, but majority of the people with ignorant opinions are actually very against a higher education, because “I didn’t get one and I turned out okay.”

What are some comments you’ve seen on Facebook that have made you want to immediately get off the internet for a few hours?


3 thoughts on “Facebook Comments Make Me Want To Vomit

  1. I have had all those. But there is one in particular I really hate, when people support a certain social movement/claim without being open to philosophical discussions or counter-arguments about it in a civil, organized and progress interested manner. I hope I make sense.

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