Summer Is On The Horizon

Finals are coming up and I just got over my allergy attack from hell. I started off this month with a terrible allergic reaction to pollen that immediately gave me a viral infection for 2 weeks while I started a new job and had all of my final papers, projects, and tests due. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I’m excited for the summer.

I neglect my friends a lot during the school year, because what’s the point of choosing to go to college if I’m not putting my all into it? But, I begin to miss my friends and lose focus towards the end of the semester. My final final is tomorrow and I’ve barely glanced over the material. I found it more fit to work on some blog posting ideas that I’ve been musing over for a few weeks. Maybe work on a new story idea… not sure. Also, am I ever going to do that podcast?

Anyways, I hope everyone has done well with their finals and I hope you’ll do well on any that are still lingering for you. I’m ready for typical US summer activities like swimming, traveling, drunkenly stumbling around downtown, etc.

Anyone have any awesome summer plans they’re excited about?


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