On This Day 4 Years Ago…Prom

I was scrolling through Facebook, as one usually does, and I saw that 4 years ago today was my senior prom and that got me to thinking back on the entire event. Many people say that prom was one of the best moments of their life, and most girls get treated like princesses or go out and have fun with their friends, but it was probably one of the worst nights of my life.

I had agreed to go with my boyfriend at the time and all of his friends in a group. The girls in his group already treated me kind of crappy and we had a past that went back about 5 years of pettiness, but he kept assuring me that they’re awesome and it’s probably just me and I suck. So I go over there, and everything is okay. We mostly just took pictures then loaded up into the cars to drive to dinner. At dinner, I had to sit on the edge, away from everyone, and be ignored by my boyfriend while he talked to his friends who didn’t like me. I tried hard to fit in, and it worked a little with the guys, but the girls blatantly ignored me when I talked.

We left and got to prom and my boyfriend immediately ditched me to go push people around with his friends. I kept trying to dance with him or near him and then he would throw his arms around and hit me or straight up turn away so I was on the outside. He finally paid attention to me at one point, but only to pick me up and throw me, damaging my previously broken ankle, and continuing to dance without noticing. I don’t even remember the rest of the night… I just remember not talking to anyone and having no fun.

After prom, we were all going to spend the night at one of the girl’s house, but she didn’t want me to come like normal. I had been dating this guy for a year already, and she still said “We just don’t really know her and she doesn’t fit in.” My boyfriend fought for me a little bit, but then ignored me again once we got there. He wouldn’t sit next to me and treated me like trash the whole time. I finally said, “Whatever, I’m just going to leave.” and he didn’t try to stop me. I got in the car at 4am and drove home crying.

I told him the next day that he made me feel like that and that I cried all the way home, and he simply said, “You’re acting crazy. I wasn’t doing anything to you.” We miraculously stayed together another six months after that with the same shitty situations happening over and over again, but I was so broken from the way I was consistently treated by everyone, that I couldn’t see that things would be better if we just broke up.

That was four years ago though, so things are much better and completely different now as an adult. He actually ended up dating a girl from that group shortly after and they’ve been together for years now. My advice to anyone else in any situations that seemed similar to my story, please just cut ties with that person. Your life will become so much better. Adult life is filled with new friendships if you put yourself out there.

Does anyone else have some terrible prom stories?


3 thoughts on “On This Day 4 Years Ago…Prom

  1. Ugh, that sounds just…unpleasant, at best.
    Thank GOODNESS that when I went to prom, it was with my cousin (we are both girls), and we didn’t have dates or anything. I was homeschooled, and she didn’t have a boyfriend to take her, so she invited me. It was so great not having a “date”, honestly. We were just there to have fun, which was awesome. 🙂
    Sorry your experience was not the same!

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      1. It actually was! We danced and didn’t have to worry about anything. I totally recommend going places date-less. Lol

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