Help From My Family

My 22nd birthday just passed, and my dad has come through with my step-mother on assuring I have a car. I have gotten by with many relatives allowing me to borrow their cars here and there, or using my boyfriend’s car. It’s not something I have been proud of, but it’s been an expense I’ve been able to avoid.

My dad has always been the type to say that I should earn things on my own. He hated paying child support, because he believed all of this was my mom’s fault, but he always made sure that I was able to visit him across the country and go on different trips. I’m not defending his neglect, I’m simply explaining his feelings on the subject.

We had a huge falling out around my 17th birthday, and it took us a year for him to reach out to me and try to have a true connection without any requirements. Since then, it’s been four years of recovery on our relationship. My step-mother was of course included in all of this. Many changes were happening with my dad that put a huge strain on our relationship, and my step-mom didn’t help the situation. Once we all decided to make up, things between us have been progressively improving.

Now, they’ve gotten word that I have no car and no aspirations of getting one any time soon – because they’re so expensive. It was about time for my step-mom to get another car so she decides to offer me her first car. She bought it, paid for it herself, and owned it for the last ten years, and I now have the privilege of taking it over.

I’m sitting in my house now, waiting for the car to show up in a few hours. I’m so excited, knowing that my life is going to change, and more opportunities will open up for me. There are people who are always blessed with a car, and they usually don’t realize how limiting it is to not have one and not be able to afford one.

Your work and school opportunities depend on your walking/bus distance. The bus systems are NOT GOOD in central Texas, because people love their big trucks. The few buses we do have are usually empty and many routes get cancelled. Now, I’ll be able to work in another town, if an amazing opportunity shows up.

Anyways, I’m excited and grateful for the progression in the relationships I’ve had with my family over the last few years. It’s taken years, but I’ve come to truly trust my dad and step-mom again. I truly feel that they care about me and want me to succeed, when I previously felt foreign, forgotten, and alone.


Have you had any issues with family members or parents that was eventually resolved?


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