How Did I Become A Dog Person?

My dogs trying to sit in my lap together

When I started dating my current boyfriend two and a half years ago, he had a dog named Cowboy. My family didn’t really care for dogs (more of cat people) so this was my very first experience with spending so much time with a dog. Cowboy did not like me at first. My boyfriend works nights and he loved to lay in the center of the bed, so once I started spending the night and wanting to also sleep in the bed, Cowboy would get very annoyed. He was obviously angry with my boyfriend and I.

Eventually, I started spending more time at his house so I started helping with chores and that included taking Cowboy out for walks. It was difficult at first because I was trying to go by what books have told me about controlling your dog. I had to learn that it didn’t always work and I’d rather be on Cowboy’s good side. We needed to get along since we would be spending so much time together.

Then, Cowboy began sitting close to me more often and staring in my eyes. I started to really feel that he actually felt something for me more than annoyance. He was starting to love me. I was actually starting to love him back too. At first, I thought he was kind of dirty and disobedient, but once you gain the trust and love of a dog, you begin to see how obedient they actually can be.

Now, Cowboy is basically one of the loves of my life, along with my boyfriend (of course). Before, I felt awkward around dogs and didn’t really like them, but now, I enjoy being around dogs and want to meet as many as I can.

My friend came across a poor little one year old puppy that had been abandoned by the side of the road. He wasn’t fixed, had fleas, and had probably never been to a vet. She let me name him and we helped each other look after him. She eventually couldn’t keep him at her house anymore so I decided to foster him which turned in my roommate adopting him.

My roommate got a good job a few months later where he has to leave town multiple times a month. We agreed to watch his dog while he was done if he would just buy all of their food and treats. Now, I basically have two dogs that run around the house and crowd around me when I’m eating. I never sleep alone anymore and each moment of my day at home is filled with these two knuckleheads annoying me and then being super cute.

How did I become such a dog person? Is it because of their unconditional love? Is it just that nurturing an animal brings out that paternal instinct? I love these two dogs even though it’s a challenge to take care of them, but I hate to think of any other bad living situations either of them would ever end up in. I even want more, but I know I’m being a little crazy.

Who else out there is a dog person?


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