My New Stage Of Adulthood

I’d hate to make anyone older than me feel much older, but I wanted to make a short post about growing up and becoming an adult.

I turned 22 on May 19th. At first, my birthday came and went without much thought. This was my very first year that I threw a party and didn’t worry if people would come or not. Last year, I went out to the bars and got way more drunk than I had wanted to and laid on the floor for hours until my boyfriend came home from work in the morning. So this year, I decided I never wanted my birthday to turn out that way again so I planned it for it to be on the weekend and had it at my house where I could control the outcome of the night.

I had a good time and then went back to life like normal. My step-mom gave me a really nice car. It was her very first car that she bought new and took care of for years. She passed it off to me in perfect condition. I decided to buy myself a new travel laptop and spend more time writing each week, either through blogging or on my stories. I’ve started looking for more work that will cater to my life in a new way that my past jobs never did. My relationship with my boyfriend has also reached new levels as we pass further into adulthood (he just turned 24).

I was sitting at work one day and it finally hit me – I’m 22 years old. Many of my friends are married with children or just graduated college and are either pursuing a graduate degree or have landed their first professional job! I can feel myself being envious of my fellow classmates, but also it’s made me realizing how much we are all growing. I know for anyone reading this who is older, you’re thinking “Yep, that’s what happens when you grow up,” but it’s definitely different firsthand to actually realize it.

I don’t think the same way I used to anymore. I’m not as afraid of new experiences as I used to be. Taking life more seriously, but in a relaxed fashion seems more probable now. I can feel myself growing up and it feels good. I used to be afraid of getting older when I was a teenager, but now I kind of embrace the future and look forward to what our lives will turn out to be like.

Shout out to anyone else in their early 20s right now! What have been your experiences or moments when you’ve realized, “wow, I’ve grown up a lot?”


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