Concentrating On Stupid Things

I need help from any fellow writers out there. I finally decided today that I waste a lot of time just thinking about bullshit that doesn’t really matter to my life. Does anyone else feel that they waste a lot of time just thinking about random scenarios that would never happen? I tell myself that it’s all mental research for plot development for my stories, but today I finally got fed up with it and rolled my eyes at myself.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a few concepts recently that delve into subjects I seem to be most interested in, but I have a hard time seeing why anyone else would want to read the crap that comes from that place in my mind. I’ve been stumped as a writer for so long, because I really just don’t think my thoughts are that great. I spend so much time stuck in this certain genre of thought that it literally consumes and confuses me. I try to dive into other areas, but I find myself feeling strange and out of place.

I still don’t know what type of writer I want to be or what type of stories I want to produce. I’m just mindlessly wandering around inside my own head with these pointless thoughts and misused energy. I’ve been in a fog for the past two days from a certain thought that keeps playing endlessly in my head. I can’t really concentrate on anything else, but I’m having difficulties figuring out how to express my thoughts in a way where I could use it for story development.

Does anyone else have these same issues? If so, what has helped you?


2 thoughts on “Concentrating On Stupid Things

  1. Dude, I am SO THERE.

    I blogged every day for four years, then quit. Gone were the days writing something, anything, even if all I wrote was a paragraph. I’m stuck. I’m afraid of writing.

    My spouse suggested just writing for myself for a while. Journaling, doodling some poetry, anything. Write what makes you happy. I’m trying that to see if it helps.

    Write whatever nonsense pops into your head. You make the rules. Hate what you wrote? Toss it. Love it? Keep it.

    Also, read Stephen King’s memoir On Writing, it’s brilliant.

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