My Choices For Writing

Hello, all! I haven’t been posting online in a while because I’ve been attempting to do a lot more reading than writing lately. I discovered a few other blog sites with some interesting and inspiring material. I also just bought a book on story writing and it’s helped me become a little more comfortable with my ideas and imaginative world.

I feel that I might be on to something for once. I’ve been on a roll this month with actually committing and developing a story. I haven’t thrown in the towel crying while sulking about how unoriginal and shitty I am yet. I’m hoping to continue to draw inspiration from others to continue onward.

I’ve decided to stop making rules for myself this time. Usually, I try to outline¬†my stories too much by giving myself specific word counts or pages for each chapter. It would end up backing me into a corner where I’d definitely get writer’s block and give up. This time, I haven’t given myself any goals like that. I just started writing and when I felt the chapter was over, it was over.

At first, I thought maybe I’d just write a short story, but once the characters developed more and I got a clear understanding of how this world works and what to do with it to help it grow – maybe it could turn into something more. I’m still not completely sure though on what it’s going to be. I could completely give up in a few weeks and decide it’s no good, but I’ll at least have this experience to reference when starting another piece of writing.


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